geothermal design software
GEO® Hourly

GEO® Hourly Design Analytics

GEO®Hourly Advantages:
  • Unique Zone Hourly Analysis
  • Realistic Heat Pump Operation
  • Proper Size Zone Heat Pumps
  • Energy Model - Zones
  • Intelligent Triple Hourly Zone Analysis
  • Lower the First Cost
  • Easy Analysis Optimization
  • Hybrid Design Integration
  • Patenst No. 9,443,043 and No.9,852,243

Geothermal Design Analytics

◦ Geothermal design patent abstract is an in-ground geothermal heat pump (GHP) closed loop design program is disclosed for designing, analyzing, and simulating a detailed model and analysis of a proposed buildings in-ground geothermal heat pump system, including borehole length, number of boreholes, heat pump capacity, grid layout, total electric operating costs, efficiency ratios, and hybrid designs, among others.

◦ In one aspect of the disclosure described herein, the GHP design program can reliably and efficiently predict the fluctuations of the GHP equipment performance in very small increments which enables the determination of energy consumption and demand information on a specific and unique hourly schedule basis for a proposed building design, including incorporating thermal load data for each individual zone of the building.

◦ More specifically, the small increment method here can be used to eliminate overly broad approximations by evaluating GHP performance that is specific to building dynamics, constants, and variables for all of the building individual zones and the building's hourly operating schedule, thereby providing an efficient, reliable, simple, and effective geothermal heat pump design and simulation model.