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   Definitive Design Energy Cost Analysis

GEO®Hourly Advantages:
  • Unique Zone Hourly Analysis
  • Realistic Heat Pump Operation
  • Proper Size Zone Heat Pumps
  • Energy Model - Zones
  • Intelligent Triple Hourly Zone Analysis
  • Lower the First Cost
  • Easy Analysis Optimization
  • Hybrid Design Integration
  • Patents No. 9,443,043 and No.9,852,243

Zone Energy Cost

 ◦   Geothermal definitive design software energy model analyses the Operating Cost to help you evaluate the most economical ground loop design. GEO®Hourly does a detailed hourly analysis with an Energy-Model that is integrated into the application, so when you select the Climate Site, Building Type, and Operating Schedule, parameters are established that defines your building profile. Internal heat conditions are calculated in each zone and are applied in the btu transfer into and out of the earth. Heat Pump equipment models can be selected from many manufactures-brands for each of the 40 zones. GEO®Hourly corrects the rated performance data for realistic heat pump equipment based on the flow rate, building loads, and design conditions in each zone. Each building zone is then analyzed separately for the cooling and heating loads on the coil, and GEO®Hourly automatically determines how many heat pumps will meet the zone conditions, and calculates the heating and cooling operating cost for each zone. It is easy to compare the operating cost of single, dual stage, and variable speed heat pump equipment.

8760 Hourly Design

 ◦  GEO®Hourly was created as a detailed hourly design tool that is easy to use, extremely fast, and reliable using unique zone 8760 hourly design analysis. The climate conditions from over 470 locations in the US and Canada creates the building environment profile from the 8760 hourly built-in library. The 8760 hourly building profile is then analyzed by the integration of a hour-by-hour heat pump operation for the simulation process that applies your building usage for the Climate Site location you select.

Climate Sites Library

 ◦  Climate Sites from over 470 locations in the US and Canada have their own built-in library of 8760 hourly climatic data. This extensive database of climate data is from typical weather data for all 8760 hours of the year that are long-term climatic data conditions.

 ◦  Design conditions for the energy model are from ASHRAE and are automatically applied to your climate site. ©2013 ASHRAE, Used with permission.

Building Type

 ◦  The Type of building, use, and the operating schedule has a significiant impact on the length of the in-ground heat exchanger and the hour-by-hour operating cost to heat and cool a building. GEO®Hourly has a complete library of about 45 building uses and an internal heat gain estimator for each building. The general category of building types are list below.

 ◦ Retail
 ◦ Office
 ◦ Schools
 ◦ Healthcare
 ◦ Residential
 ◦ Industrial or Commercial Mixed