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GEO® Hourly
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   Zone Heat Pump Selection

GEO® Hourly Advantages:
  • Unique Zone Hourly Analysis
  • Realistic Heat Pump Operation
  • Proper Size Zone Heat Pumps
  • Energy Model - Zones
  • Intelligent Triple Hourly Zone Analysis
  • Lower the First Cost
  • Easy Analysis Optimization
  • Hybrid Design Integration
  • Patents No. 9,443,043 and No.9,852.243

Heat Pumps Transfer Btu's

 ◦  Geothermal Design Software has Intelligent Business Analysis for Heat Pumps with the Energy Cost in every zone and Hybrid Design Integration.

 ◦   The heat pumps function is to transfer the Building Btu Loads between the building and the ground heat exchange. GEO®Hourly is the only geothermal design method that applies a detailed hourly analysis of the heat pump operation transferring the building Btu loads to and from the ground. The heat pump equipment for cooling and heating is corrected to reflect realistic performance values, rather than the testing and rating performance conditions used by ANSI/AHRI ISO rating standards. The flow rate is applied to the heat pump equipment operating performance based on hour-by-hour building loads. GEO®Hourly design software sizes the heat pump equipment in each zone with the appropriate capacity, power, and flow rate to match the hourly design conditions. Selecting the proper size heat pumps for each zone has always been a challenge for designers and GEO®Hourly simplifies this design element with realistic heat pump performance loads.

 ◦  Heat Pump models can be selected from many manufactures-brands for each of the 40 zones. Each zone is analyzed separately for performance and operating cost after the performance data is corrected to match the building.

 ◦  The heat pump equipment selection process for each building zone is quick and automatically sized based on the building design parameters

Variable Capacity

 ◦ Variable Stage Heat Pump Equipment offered by manufactures represent the trophy design and use an inverter to run a dc variable capacity compressor to match the design capacity required for daily operations. Variable capacity compressors run longer, remove more moisture, and have the lowest operating cost. Flow rates are also varied to match the variation in the compressor capacity.

Dual Capacity

 ◦ Dual capacity/duel stage Heat Pump Equipment offered by manufactures represent a high efficiency design and use constant speed scroll compressors that allow the low stage to operate up to 67% of capacity. During Low capacity/stage the compressor uses less power and runs longer removing more moisture. This type of heat pump equipment has gained popularity during the last few years in both commercial and residential buildings.

Single Capacity

 ◦ Single Capacity/stage Heat Pump Equipment offered by manufactures represent almost the same efficiency as a Dual capacity design and typically use a scroll compressor. Single capacity compressors have higher capacity than Dual capacity of the same size, but cycle on and off more frequently than the Dual capacity design. The Single capacity is popular is schools where max capacity is required because of the intermitent schedule of class rooms. The single stage heat pump equipment is usually more compact and more cost effective especially on commercial projects.