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Heat Pump Design - single capacity

GEO®Hourly Advantages:
  • Unique Zone Hourly Analysis
  • Realistic Heat Pump Operation
  • Proper Size Zone Heat Pumps
  • Energy Model - Zones
  • Intelligent Triple Hourly Zone Analysis
  • Lower the First Cost
  • Easy Analysis Optimization
  • Hybrid Design Integration
  • Patents No. 9,443,043 and No. 9,852,243

Single Capacity

 ◦  Single Capacity Heat Pump Equipment has many manufactures and has been in use for many years. Now most of the single capacity heat pumps use a scroll compressor except for the very small sizes.

 ◦  The single capacity has the advantage of having a smaller size than the dual capacity heat pump and has about the same efficiency as a Dual capacity heat pump design when the building zone load conditions are operating at near capacity.

 ◦  The disadvantage compared to a dual capacity heat pump is that the single capacity heat pump is a constant capacity machine that does not allow some of the refrigerant to buy-pass causing the single capacity heat pump to use more power when the building zone loads are moderate which is most of the time.

 ◦  Single capacity compressors may have higher capacity than Dual capacity of the same size, but cycle on and off more frequently than the Dual capacity design. The Single capacity is usually more compact and more cost effective especially on commercial projects.