geothermal design software
GEO® Hourly

GEO® Hourly Intelligent Triple Analysis

GEO®Hourly Advantages:
  • Unique Zone Hourly Analysis
  • Realistic Heat Pump Operation
  • Proper Size Zone Heat Pumps
  • Energy Model - Zones
  • Intelligent Triple Hourly Zone Analysis
  • Lower the First Cost
  • Easy Analysis Optimization
  • Hybrid Design Integration
  • Patent No. 9,443,043 and No.9,852,243

Triple design Analysis

 ◦  Geothermal design intelligent triple analysis create multi-designs software for analytics and comparisons. GEO® Hourly compares design the ground loop installed cost along with the operating cost and efficiency.

 ◦   GEO®Hourly does a benchmark design and a third design to calculate the ground loop installed cost along with the operating cost and EER / COP which is critical for professionals that want to uncover insights hidden in the massive amounts of data to understand, reason and learn about the best design for the project. GEO®Hourly graphs the ground loop cost, energy operating cost, and energy efficiency (EER - COP), so you can visuallize and select the entering water temperature that offers the best economic payout and the best contingency for your project. Installing excess length in the in-ground heat exchanger will add an excess design contingency with financial consequences. Many times bigger or more is a waste of money.

 ◦   GEO®Hourly presents the excess length and the simple payback period in years. Almost always the payback period for the excess length contingency is over 100 years.